How many of you know someone whose life has significantly changed since they started blogging? I know of several… including mine:) From ordinary everyday bloggers like myself, to readers of those blogs, the information being shared on the Internet has touched many lives and changed the direction of many peoples lives. It’s no wonder that blogs have become one of the most powerful influence on people worldwide. Blogs create an opportunity for people from all walks of life to share knowledge and ideas. The blogging platform offers anyone with an Internet connection the ability to tap into a huge selection of free, current and collective knowledge.

Here are 5 tips to help you become a successful blogger…

Tip#1: You Must Have Passion For What You Are Writing About

It’s funny because one of the small business opportunities that I currently promote (Touchstone Crystal) uses the motto “Love What You Do”… how many of us can actually say this and mean it?? I can honestly say that I do! I love my teaching job, I love blogging and earning multiple streams of online income every month and I love selling jewelry and making extra cash to spend on myself and my family! Most importantly I LOVE teaching people how I do it all:) Make sure that are truly interested in what ever you decide to blog about! People will be able to tell if you are truly passionate about a topic and they will continue to read your blog if you convey this feeling. That’s why blogging is so easy… you can create an awesome money making site just by writing about something you love:) If you are still having a problem trying to figure out what to write about… here are some “ready made” blog templates that you can download.

Tip #2: You Must Write Consistently

If there is one thing that I was guilty of in the beginning it was being inconsistent. If you want to connect with your readers and establish yourself as an “expert” in the field, you really need to blog everyday. If you don’t, people will forget about you. I know that this can be difficult, especially if you are already working a full tome job. I work a full tome and also have three small children so I completely understand the time thing… That’s why I started using this awesome WordPress plugin called Routine Writer. It’s great for bloggers who want to make sure that they are keeping up their content creation.

Tip#3: You Must Be Responsive To Your Readers

As I said earlier, you consistency will breed a nice group or community of readers on your blog. However, simply adding content to your blog is not enough. You want to make sure that you are interacting with your visitors. Google loves this too! In fact, this is one the best ways to drive your blog to the first page of Google! You are going to want to make sure that enable comments to be left on your blog.  Comments allow you have a discussion with your readers which in turn will build a rapport with them. Connecting with you readers is a great way to build a loyal bunch of visitors to your blog. When you take the time to regularly interact with your visitors through the comment section of your blog, you become a real person, not just some unreachable entity in the blogosphere.

Tip#4: Manners Matter

I can’t believe I am even saying this but having read hundreds of blogs, it is actually an issue. Always mind your manners when blogging. You don’t always agree with what is being said and you must realize that their will be those people who do;t agree with you either. Being in the virtual environment gives some people a false sense of empowerment. I would in no way tolerate abusive language, slang words or any other negativity on my blog. You can control your what is being said on your blog by adjusting the comment settings. If you find that someone is deliberately trying to sabotage your blog, just ban them every being allowed to comment. It’s really very simple. As always, I practice what I preach.

Tip#5: Keep Your Posts Informative

You have to realize that most people surfing the Internet are looking for information. You want to make sure that your blog is place where people can come to learn something. Again, Google is a big fan of a blog that is actually useful and helpful to it’s users. If you supply your readers with information that they can use right away, they are more likely to come back for more. Spamming your blog with someone elses words is simply a waste of time, not to mention you could get penalized by Google. If you create a blog about decorating a baby girls nursery, make sure your readers are getting information that they can really use. Include links to where they can buy items for the nursery, paint color choices, pictures of actual nurseries, etc. Keep your posts relevant!


I hope you found these tips helpful!