If you are wondering why you haven’t received any emails from me with new content it’s because I was busy spending time with my family:)

We just got back from a beautiful trip to Lake George!

lake george

Everyone needs to take a break from the hustle and bustle of work sometimes:) My husband requested that I leave my computer at home while on our family vacation. So, I decided that I would take his advice and not do any work while on vacation. I wanted to focus all of my time and energy one my three beautiful children and my extremely supportive husband. It really wasn’t to hard to do:) However, taking a few days away from my online business didn’t mean that I had to stop earning money for those days. In fact, I made a bunch of money last week while I was playing with my kids enjoying the beautiful weather! That’s the beauty of this business, you have the potential to earn everyday, even if you are not actually working:)

I’m sure a lot of you are wondering exactly how I did this so let me show you how.

Before I left for vacation, I set up several solo ads and sent them out. A solo ad is an ad that is sent directly to a target audience. Here is an example of one of the solo ads that I sent out last week.

ad boxThis is a paid service, but because you are sending your offer to a targeted group of people, you are more likely to have interested customers who are serious about pursuing what ever it is that you are offering. Your solo ad would include a link back to your website so all interested prospects would be sent directly to your site. This isn’t only a great way to generate sales on your site it’s one the BEST ways to capture contact information to build your email list. Remember what I said about the power of a list!!

Start sending your own ad today by clicking the button below!

Leads, Leads, Leads!




Ok so back to what I was saying… while I was away I sent out several solo ads and was able to rack up 234 new leads, I sold 22 e-books, and I had 14 new sign ups for a FREE website!!!

Now, I consider my leads to be PRICELESS because i have captured 234 future customers attention. As an experiment, I actually lowered the price of my e-book to $6.95 and sold 3x as many e-books as I normally would. However, I still made $152.90 on these books while I was sipped a mojito overlooking Lake George:) The very BEST part of this my money making week was my website sign-ups, the force behind my business, I made $1400.00 through my Host Gator affiliate link!!! I had 14 new sign-ups so look at the chart below and do the math:)

Isn’t that awesome!!!!

hostgatorSo while I was on VACATION I made $1552.00 on website hosting and e-book sales!!! I didn’t even include my domain name sales or my auto-responder sales… let’s just say I made more last on vacation then I do in two weeks of teaching!!!!

If you haven’t signed up for your FREE website yet I am wondering what you are WAITING for!!!!!??????

free website