If you have any of the following accounts, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Vimeo, YouTube… and I can go on and on and on… then I’m sure you have been exposed to some type of online advertising. Aside from using the search engines themselves, social media sites are some of the most powerful internet marketing tools available to you. The thing is, you have to use them properly in order for them to useful. Most people just throw things up on their social media accounts and expect to see instant results… not the case. There is in fact a method and when executed correctly can be super effective!

How To Use Social Media To Make Money Online

One of the first things you want t o do is make sure that the accounts you are using are all registered under the same name, using the same email address. Using a bunch of different names and/or email addresses prevents you from making a name for yourself. I know this can be challenging when coming up with usernames because often the user name that you choose is “already in use”, if that is the case simply type in your username and add something the end. I would try to use your last name or a combination of the same numbers on different orders. For example… My username is “Jess31”, it’s a popular one and I am often told to try again. I have several accounts where I have added my last name, my first initial along with my last name, and I always use a combination of the same numbers. The numbers that I use I have meaning to me, so try and use numbers that similarly mean something to you.

Best Social Media To Make Money

So what social media sites should you use to make money? Perhaps this is a personal preference, but I can tell you from experience that Facebook is NOT the only option:) I love Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+! I find that most people already have these accounts but if for some reason you do not… I highly recommend signing up for each one! Let’s talk a little Pinterest…

How To Make Money Online With Pinterest

Pinterest is one of favorite sites ever!!! I find myself pinning when I wake up and I’m having my coffee, during lunch, while I’m driving in the car (passenger seat of course) while I’m watching TV, and of course when I’m laying in bed before I go to sleep. Most of the time it’s from phone:) I think this is why it’s such a powerful tool… it’s so darn accessible!! OK… so let’s take a look at one of my big time sellers… it’s an e-book that I wrote about 4 years ago and it can be found on my on blog called About Homemade Dog Treats  I sell between 100-150 e-books every month at $20 a pop so I’m making a decent amount of money from this one product:) I would say that about 75% of the traffic that I get on this e-book comes from Pinterest. So how did I do it? The first thing I did was create a board called “Start a Dog Bakery Business.” Once I had the board I started pinning all sorts of things related… for example, homemade dog treat recipes, articles on how to start a pet business, etc. Next, I wrote an article on “how to start a dog bakery business” on my blog and pinned it to my board. Then, when someone visits my board and clicks on this pin, it takes them back to the page on my blog where they can purchase my e-book. Last, they purchase my e-book and I $20 is deposited into my PayPal account! It’s really just that simple:)

I know I mentioned using several different social media sites to promote your products but I would recommend starting with just one site. It’s best to work on one site for a while because you want to build a presence and gain a decent following. One of the biggest mistakes people make in the beginning is spreading themselves to thin. Just think quality is more important than quantity. Slow and steady wins the race:)