Day 2 – Get to Know Your Autoresponder

So far you have been introduced to basic components of your money making blog. Your blog is certainly a PROVEN profit machine, but let me share something else with you…

The most profitable part of your entire website is your autoresponder. Your autoresponder allows people to subscribe to your “newsletter” when they visit your website:

sign up list


This is Huge!! If you haven’t already done so, I highly recommend signing up for your autpresponder account now! You’ll thank me for this later:)

When people visit your site and subscribe through your “Free Newsletter/Tips” page they’ll be added to your email list instantly. Go ahead and try it yourself to see how it works!

You will need to set this up in your autoresponder account, however, upon subscribing, every person will receive a follow-up email from YOU immediately.  Go subscribe yourself so you can see what this looks like. As you can see, the email follow-up message from your autoresponder warmly welcomes your new subscriber and introduces them to the information-rich, money-making content that you’re autoresponder will be sending them. (*I have plenty of text that you can use for this) More on that later…

Here are a few things you need to understand about your autoresponder/newsletter:

The purpose of your autoresponder is to follow-up with your blog visitors to provide helpful information and build trust with them.

Each message delivered by your autoresponder contains your name and links to your website for the purpose of building trust with your subscribers and selling your affiliate or personal products. So in the beginning you may want to send an email showing your customer how to do something… there is  nothing wrong with sending helpful information. Then the next week, send them an email with another helpful tip Eventually you can start sending them links for your own products or products that you are an affiliate of. Then you get paid again! When your subscriber clicks on a link within one of your email messages, they will be instantly re-directed to one of the pages on your website, or one of your affiliate links that have coded into your website. When they click links and sign up for programs located on those pages, you will earn commissions from the respective program as long as you have all your correct affiliate ID or link.

Your autoresponder is so powerful!

Once someone is subscribed to your email list, they will remain on your list forever or until they unsubscribe. If they wish to unsubscribe, they can do this easily by clicking on a link that will automatically be placed at the bottom of every message delivered to them.

Note: If you subscribe to your own newsletter at your website and do not receive the first message of your autoresponder sequence within 5 minutes, it is probably because your Internet Service Provider has a filter setup to block the incoming email based on the email’s content or some other reason. If that happens, check your spam folder and/or whitelist your own email address and domain name.

One of the easiest ways to make money online is to build your own big email subscriber list and send consistent trust-building emails and offers to it.  You have the automated system in place for you. All you need to do is to fuel it with subscribers, and in this guide I’ll show you many ways to steadily grow the size of your email subscriber list.

Let’s talk about a few ways you can start doing this now.

First, as you start getting visitors to your website, some of them will subscribe to your newsletter automatically. I’ll show you many ways to get visitors to your website throughout this training guide. I’m also sure that you can think of many ways to do this yourself such as telling people you know about your website, adding your website to your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

In addition to this, you can also setup a “squeeze page” for you which you can promote online to build your list automatically. A “squeeze page” is just a simple page that offers some value or additional information in exchange for the visitor entering their name and email address into it

Here’s a “squeeze page” I setup for my own website and it works great:

 squeeze page

The single page above and your autoresponder alone can make you a full time income.

Remember, once you start growing your email list, you can keep adding pre-written email letters to follow up with those people for you automatically to help you make money on autopilot!

Simply inviting people to visit your website, or making your website link a signature file in the emails you send out, or adding your website to your social media accounts, you will start getting people to check it out naturally, and some of those people will subscribe to your email list, and some of them will also sign up and join different programs with you.

Don’t worry if any of this seems complicated right now.

You will get to know it all and test it out so you can see how it all works…

And don’t worry about visitors… If you don’t know how to get them, I do and I’ll show you all the simple strategies I’m using to get non-stop visitors coming to my site, squeeze page to pull in steady sales and income 24/7/365 – even while I’m sleeping – and without needing to pick up the phone or talk to anyone in person. Sure, you can talk to people if you want, but it’s possible to build a huge business without it…


Once you have a list, you’ll have influence that can be leveraged in many ways.

The sky is the limit once you have your own mailing list! 🙂


Congratulations! Because you are a Classroom Guide member and have gotten this far in the process, you know more about online marketing (after just 2 days) than many people who try to make money online will ever know. You probably have set up your own blog, your own autoresponder,  your own squeeze page that collects subscribers for you automatically, and you’re beginning to become affiliated with some the best-selling, highest paying opportunities in the world today. Because you made the decision to become a “life long learner”, you are years ahead of where you would have been trying to do it alone.

Most people who try to make money online never get so far as having their own website with an autoresponder.

Beyond that, just realize the power you have in your hands now with your fully setup money-making website and profit-pulling email autoresponder campaign. You have tools already setup that are VERY effective money makers!

In other words, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Just use what is already provided and watch the money come in.

In the days ahead, I’ll show you the simple steps that I follow on a regular basis to make money on autopilot, 24/7.

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