So after launching my website yesterday, I am happy to welcome 5 new teachers! I want to welcome all of you to The Classroom Guide and let you  know that I look forward to working with all you! It’s going to be a great summer:)

Anyway, just a few points to get you started off on the right track. It’s really important that you take this first week to learn all of the functions of your website. I know you are probably itching to get out there and make money, but you really need to understand the basics before you do that:)

I figured I would create posts everyday this week and focus on one aspect of your website in each post. Learning how to navigate your way around your website dashboard is where I’m going to start. WordPress blogs have some of the most awesome features and you are going to amazed at what you can do with your website in the coming days. I’ll talk about a few of these things this week so let’s get started.

dashboardThe first we are going to look at on the dashboard is the posts tab. This is one way for you to add content to your website. You simply hit the post tab and fill in the fields when prompted. You can alos add new categories and tags under the post tab too. Separating your posts by category is an excellent way to organize your website. It also makes finding information easier for your visitors which is important:) You want to make your website super easy to use!

You will use the media tab to add images and other file types to your website. This can be done directly or you can use the tab while writing a post or creating a page.

If you want to create a new page on your website you will use the pages tab. If you plan on creating a custom menu or navigation bar, you will have to create pages in order to do so. I have written an entire post on this and include it in my 7 Days To Success Guide. Get that if you haven’t already done so!

You can monitor comments that are being made on your posts and pages by using the “comments” tab. This is a great way to communicate with your readers!

The downloads button that you see on my dashboard is actually a plug-in… more on that later.

Same with feedback and TablePress.

The appearance tab is a big one:) This is the tab that you are going to use when you want to customize your website. 9Mkae changes, etc.) I have also written an entire page on this and it too is included on my 7 Days To Success Guide.

Plugins are awesome! These are ready to use tools that you can use on your website. Before plugins were invented you would have had to know how to write code to get all these cool things on your website… no more. You can have forms built with the push of a button. Very cool stuff and I promise that I will spend a whole day on these!

The user tab is a list of all the people that have access to your website. You of course are in control of this.

The tools tab is also full of a lot a very cool things that you can use on your website. I will also spend an entire day going over these items. It’s just too much to get into in one day. I just want you to know what each of these tabs are for. Then, I’ll show you how to use them one at a time:)

The settings tab basically controls how your website is seen by your viewers. You have control of what you want on your homepage, how many posts you want displayed at a time, what your title and tagline will say, and a lot of other kinda technical stuff that we’ll discuss in detail.

vCita Contact is a plugin that I use:)

PDownloads is an awesome plugin!! This is the tool that you are going to use to promote my e-book. Don’t worry, I’ll set this up for too:) This little plug-in will allow you to sell my e-book and the money will get instantly be deposited into your PayPal account.

The visual form builder is a great plugin that I use too. You’re going to want to use this one too!

Wordfence is a backup plugin just in case my site gets hacked… a good thing to have:0

WPLP is one of my biggest money making plug-in’s… I’ll teach you all about this too!

If you click on “collapse menu” it does exactly that…

Well, I hope this wasn’t to overwhelming… play around with your site today and get comfortable using it. I have A LOT more to teach you so get ready for tomorrow:)

Have an awesome night!