Good morning all!

I had another 3 people join me last night and I’m thrilled to have you guys on board! Welcome:)

Today I am going to talk about the appearance tab found on your dashboard.

appearance tabWhen you click on the appearance tab another menu will appear next to or directly under the tab. You’ll see a list of items just like the image here. You should see the words themes, customize, widgets, menus, header, background, and editor. I’m going to skip over “themes and customize” today… I actually cover these topics in my e-book and so if you haven’t already done so… get a copy of that:)

Let’s move on to widgets.

Widgets are one of the coolest features that you are going to work with. A lot of widgets are also plug-ins so let’s take a look at them.

When you click on the widgets tab this is what will pop up:

widgetsYour website comes with built in widgets. For example, recent comments, categories, pages, search, meta, tag cloud, RSS, and calendar are all widgets that come with your theme. You can download thousands of other widgets by clicking on the Plugins tab and then searching for widgets there. For example, I added the “image widget” by searching the Plugins page for “images.” This widget allows me to add images (with a link) to the sidebar of my website. I also downloaded the “vCita sidebar widget” to use as my contact form.

This is the beauty of WordPress… you can add all of these really cool features to your website without having any knowledge of code:) Of course, understanding how code is written will allow you tweak your website even more but it’s absolutely not necessary!

Once you have downloaded the widgets that you like you can then insert them on your website. All of your available widgets will be listed on the left hand side of the page under the “Available Widgets” tab. You simply click and drag the widget to where you would like on your website. For example, you can drag a widget from the available widgets list over to the “primary widgets” list and it will show up on the main sidebar of your site. You are able to customize each widget once you drag it to the desired section of your website. Be sure to click on save when you are finished with each widget.

I would start by playing around with the widgets that are already on your site. Then once you are comfortable, start searching and downloading widgets that you think would make a nice addition to your website:)