So you have decided to start a blog! Let’s take a look at why your blog is a money maker!

Let’s take a look at how you are going to use your blog to make a lot of money!

Ready??? ūüôā

Here are some simple steps that will allow you to start making money with your new blog. I want to help you become comfortable using and making changes to your WordPress blog so you can take full control of your business.

Let’s go over a few things before we get started.

First, I want you to know that this really works!

I started trying to make money online over a decade ago and it certainly took some time before I became¬†successful! I have made so many mistakes, mistakes that you won’t have to, so just take your time and success will come. It’s important to know that there are so many ways for you to make money with your blog. I’m going to highlight some of the best marketing strategies that I have had success with and you can decide which strategies work best for you.

Having said that, I use the exact same marketing strategies outlined here¬†to promote my own blogs¬†and I do very well with them… so now is the time to pay close attention.

There are a lot of people using just one of the marketing strategies outlined here¬†and have been able to build a full-time income with it. There are also others who use all of them and as you probably guessed…¬†their businesses are booming as well!

So, it’s really up to you. Everyone’s path to success in this business is unique. I’m simply teaching you a number of different strategies and giving you a variety of options that will enable you to succeed faster.

Keep in mind that some of the marketing steps I recommend to you will require a financial investment and some will be 100% free. Generally, the advertising/marketing suggestions I make that require a payment are things that can grow your business faster. However, it does NOT take money to make money. There are many free advertising and marketing actions outlined on my blog that DO work so if you get to something that requires money and you can’t afford it, don’t worry. There are many FREE options¬†that work if you do! ūüôā

So, are you ready to start making money with your new blog?

Of course you are!

Let’s get started!

FYI… just want you to be aware that I will be using the terms “website” and “blog” interchangeably… they are the same thing:)

The first thing to do is to get to know your website and all of the resources that are now available to you.

First, take a look at your website

It starts with your homepage: (I’m using one of my direct sales blogs)

This page provides a brief overview of what you do. It provides people with an outline of your services and let’s them know that what you are offering.

Giving something away something for free on your homepage is a proven money maker!

So, as you start getting interested visitors, people will start browsing your website and become interested in what it is you are giving away for free! They’ll¬†sign up for their free product, which can be an e-book, report, etc. and just like that …. you are on your way to making money!

Your homepage will lead your customers to “sign up” for a your free product and you’ll automatically capture their¬†contact information. Think of how many new customers you will acquire and be able to send them tons of offers to any of your PAID products or your affiliate products! More on that later!

It’s a high value, high-converting offer from start to finish!

So what do you think?

As you start promoting your website homepage, many of your visitors will be interested in what you have to offer and you’ll start making money immediately:)

It works.

Also, your website home page is just the beginning of a complete system that is setup to help you make money and do whatever else you want to express your vision online.

Your website is 100% custom! I will show you ways that you can change your website so keep reading and you’ll discover some very cool things.

In fact, if you want to add products and programs, remove programs, change design, change color, add pages, remove pages, etc. you will be able to do all of that.

That said, first learn all you can about how and why you want your website¬†to be set up in this fashion… because it is a proven money-maker EXACTLY the way I setup up my money making blogs.

One of the first pages I setup on mywebsite is an About Me page as seen here: (you can really put this anywhere on your homepage… as long as it’s there)

about me classroom guide new

This is a great way to connect with your potential customers. Adding a picture of yourself is a great way to personalize your website. People like a visual of who they are working with! It’s a great way to build a trusting relationship. People know that you are a “real” person and not just some automated system.

Take a look at another one of my blogs.¬†The site that you see here¬†About Homemade Dog Treats is my very first blog! I am currently using the same theme for The Classroom Guide website as well as my classroom website too. I love the slider at the top of the page!! Think of all the cool photos you can display here… previews of products that you have for sale, affiliate products, whatever you can think of!

Now take a look at all of the different pages that I have added to main navigation across the top of my website. (Don’t worry I’ll show you how to create a custom navigation bar too.)


All of these pages are going to provide your readers with valuable information. Remember, people are searching the web because they need something. Each one of these pages provides value to your website because the information will provide your readers with what they have been searching for.

Provide value and help people as much as possible. Do this and new customers will beat a path to your door. You don’t have to sell anything to get people interested:)

When your blog visitors read your articles, many of them will click through to learn more.

Remember what I said before, Providing your readers with free information is a great way to get them to sign up as a subscriber to your website. 

So how will you capture these names?

This is super easy… you just add an autoresponder to your website. ¬†

I’m sure you have seen something like this before:) Earlier I talked about giving away something for free on your homepage. You will need an autoresponder to do this. Supplying your subscribers with a monthly newsletter is a great way to keep your subscribers informed! It’s a great way to provide your subscribers with more FREE information (which they will love) and it helps build a relationship that you will eventually be very useful when it comes to introduce paid products and information to your subscribers.

free website autoresponder

This is one of the most powerful tools you have. Everyone who enters their name and email address into that form gets added to your email list!

Your newsletter is a very professional way  to build trust with your subscribers for you automatically!

You can use your email marketing newsletter to follow up with your prospects to continue providing value, building trust and recommending products you’re affiliated with on autopilot.

This is a SYSTEM that works 24/7/365 around the clock by simply clicking a mouse!

It gets your subscribers to re-visit your website over and over again, and systematically encourages them to visit your website!

There are more tools you can use to grow your subscriber list which I’ll share with you later…

For now, just get familiar with your your own GetResponse autoresponder.



Another page you can setup on your site is a Contact Page:

free website contact page

I’m currently using a different version of a contact page on my blog… I’m sure you noticed the pop up that comes up from the bottom of my screen.. ¬†a contact page is important so your visitors have a quick and easy way of contacting you. It’s great because a message is automatically¬†sent to the¬†email address you provided when you signed up for¬†the plug-in:) More on plug-ins later:)

Having a contact page is very useful, and once you start getting visitors, they’ll use it! I’ve had many great things happen from people contacting me through my blog.

Go ahead and try it out. As soon as you submit the form, a new email will be sent directly to you…

Sometimes I get helpful feedback about my site. Sometimes I get joint-venture proposals. Sometimes I get a company who wants to advertise on my site. Over time, I’ve turned many contact form submissions into profitable outcomes in my business, and I’m betting that you will too!

Pretty cool right?

Now let’s talk a little about your website platform.

Your website will be installed on the world-famous WordPress blogging platform. This will give you unlimited flexibility along with the ability to add things to your site, change the look of your site (theme) in any way that you want and get your site listed in the search engines and visible for millions of people around the world to access. ūüôā

Your WordPress Login Will Look Like This:

You’ll need this username and password to login:

As soon as you login, in the left-hand column on the top you will see a “Posts” section. In that, click on “Add New”:

This will direct you to the “Add New Post” page.

Enter a title for your post into the field that looks like this:

Then make a new post saying whatever you want to say. It could simply be what you’re doing or thinking right now… It could be something interesting you want to share with people… It can truly be whatever you want it to be. You could think of it like making an update on Facebook…

It’s not required, but you can make any changes you want to the text using some of the editing buttons provided. You can add pictures, make the text big and colorful. Again, you can do whatever you want. You have unlimited flexibility!

When you’re happy with it, click on the “Publish” button:

After that, click the “View post” link:


You just created a brand new page on your website!

What I’ve just shown you how to do is very important.

Even if this is the only thing you do from now on (blog regularly), you’ll start attracting visitors to your website.


Visitors is all it takes to make money from your website.

Your website in it’s current form is a proven money-maker.


Blog regularly… about anything you want.

Go make your first blog post NOW.

TIP: By the way, if you make any errors in your post or want to change anything in the future, just click the “Edit” link and you’ll be directed to a “Edit Posts” page where you can update or delete any posts you make to your blog on the fly which will update your website INSTANTLY

Now wash, rinse and repeat with all the new posts you want to make. Before you know it, your small website can become a large content site with hundreds or thousands of pages covering a wide variety of subjects and key words.

And the more posts you make about different things, the more likely some of these posts will start appearing high in major search engine listings and begin pulling in visitors and profits for you automatically – 100% free! ūüôā

Later in this training, I’ll show you how to guarantee that Google and the other major search engines pay attention to all the new posts you add to your website, so they will start ranking your pages and sending you visitors.

How Will Anyone Find Me On Google????

OK, that’s the nuts and bolts of your website.

Now let’s turn our attention to how you can make money.

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