First, login to your WordPress admin area.

As soon as you login, in the left-hand column on the top you will see a “Pages” section. In that, click on “Add New”:

add a page

This will instantly direct you to the “Add New Page” page.

Enter a title for your page into the field that looks like this:

add new page2

Then you can enter your actual page in the field below that:

Your page can also be an article or tutorial about something you’ve learned, and now you can show others how to do it!

Writing honest reviews for products and services you are using and then linking back to that product or service inside your review a few times is one of the easiest ways to make sales for products on the Internet. Later on, your review will get listed in the search engines and people will find it, read it, visit your affiliate link and possibly join.

You could be watching a really interesting video on YouTube and want to share it with others. Your website is a great place to do this! Just use the Share and Embed code that YouTube gives you to post the video directly onto your site!

It can also a good idea to write your own introduction and thoughts about the video when you post it to your website.

You could record your own video commentary, instructions, training, review, performance, or whatever you want and then upload it to YouTube, and post it on your own website.

The possibilities are truly unlimited, and the more original, interesting, helpful, entertaining, on-topic, insightful posts you make to your website, the more pages you’ll get listed in the search engines – and the more visitors you’ll attract.

When you’re satisfied with your post, click “Publish”:

After that, click the “View page” link:

add page3


You just created a brand new page on your website!

TIP: If you make any errors with your post or want to change anything in the future, just click the “Edit” link and you’ll be directed to a “Edit Posts” page where you can update or delete any posts you make in your WordPress website on the fly which will update your website instantly.

add page 4