Learn How To Create A Blog

Want to learn how to create a blog? Did you know that you can actually take a passion of yours, create a blog about it and earn money by simply sharing what you love!!

What initially started as a mere hobby has become a worldwide sensation in a just a few years. Blogging is the revolutionary new way for millions of people worldwide to connect and exchange ideas and opportunities regardless of their place of origin. By simply tapping into the powers of the World Wide Web, one can gain access to new and useful information and share their own knowledge through popular blogging platforms such as WordPress.

That’s nice but why all the fuss?

The exciting news is that what began as a way to share ideas has fast become a hot new money making industry! As the industry has grown, more and more people are realizing just how fascinating and easy it is to monetize a blog and make money right from their own home! Yes, blogging is a fantastic way to create a steady monthly residual income.


Start a blog and share your passion with the rest of the world…

Follow These Easy Steps On How To Create A Blog

 How To Set Up a Free WordPress Blog

The process is easy to follow whether you are 20 years old or 60 years old. However if you need help, I will help you setup your blog for free. Click Here to Get Your Free WordPress Blog Setup For You

Step 1. Setup

Ok Get Ready… you are about to set up a blog using the same platform that 95% of the most successful bloggers are using today. You will using a self-hosted platform called WordPress. I know what your next question is… Why? Well first of all WordPress is free to use! Score!! However, free isn’t the only reason why so many people choose to use this platform. You can install plug-ins, which are ready made software tools containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. More on plug-ins later:) You can customize your site design, and most importantly… you can make money from your site without any restrictions. One of the biggest mistakes beginners make when they learn how to create a blog is choosing the wrong blogging platform. Yes there are other free blogging platforms that do not offer self-hosting so they can impose a ton of restrictions and actually own your blog… not something you want when your blog is worth a lot of money!!

You might be wondering why is it free? What’s the catch?

There’s no catch.

It’s free because you have to do the setup and host it yourself. A domain name is what people type to get to your website. It’s your website’s address on the internet or your URL. Web hosting is where your website lives and this allows your website to be visible online. Think of it as you very own piece of online real estate:) A domain name typically costs less than $10/year, and web hosting normally costs between $3.95 / month to $8.95/month, this will depend on the number of sites you end up hosting.

If this seems like a lot and is a little overwhelming don’t worry… HostGator is an official WordPress recommended hosting provider and is SUPER EASY to use! Simply Open Up Host Gator and follow these three easy steps.

The first thing you will want to do is click on the get started button.

create a blog

Next you are going to choose a hosting plan. The plan you choose will depend on how many websites you plan on creating.

Then you will choose your domain name and set up payment for your hosting account.


Step 2. Install WordPress

Once you have signed up for your domain name and hosting account you will have access to your cPanel. The cPanel has dozens of small icons for different services and features. This can be a bit overwhelming, so ignore 95% of them because you will never need to use them.

Scroll down to the website section and click on the WordPress icon. At the top of your cPanel you are going to click on the tab that says Hosting.

Then.. scroll down and click on the Launch QuickInstall box.


You will be redirected to the HostGator Marketplace Quick Install screen for WordPress.

Click on the Install WordPress button.

On the next screen, you will then click on the button that says “Install WordPress”


After that, you need to enter your Site Name, username, and a password for your site. You also need to check all the check boxes and then click Install.


The QuickInstall will start installing WordPress. The marketplace will prompt you to browse WordPress themes, while WordPress is being installed. No need to do that right now. We’ll talk about how to get free WordPress themes in the next step. Once WordPress is finished installing, you will see the success notice in the top header bar. Click on the Installation Complete link, and it will take you to the screen with your WordPress login URL and password.

Congratulations, you have created your WordPress site. That wasn’t too bad right.

Your WordPress URL will look like this:



Click on the WordPress login link to login to your dashboard. This is what your dashboard login will look like.




Now we’re ready to customize your site’s appearance and start blogging.


Step 3. Selecting your WordPress Theme

The visual appearance of your WordPress blog is controlled by themes. When you first visit your blog, it will look something like this:

This is not very appealing to most people.

Customizing the look and feel of your blog is by far one of the most exciting and rewarding part in the journey of creating your WordPress site.

There are thousands of pre-made WordPress themes that you can install on your site. Some of them are free, while others are paid.

You can change your theme by going to your WordPress dashboard and clicking on Appearance » Themes.

create a blog

Go ahead and click on the Add New button.

On the next screen, you will able to search from the 4100 free WordPress themes that are available in the official WordPress.org themes directory. You can sort by popular, latest, featured, as well as other feature filters (i.e industry, layout, etc).

When you have found the theme that you like, simply bring your mouse on it, and it will show the Install button. Click on it and wait for the theme to be installed. After that, the install button will be replaced with an Activate button. You need to click on it to Activate the theme.

Once you have installed your theme, you can customize it by clicking on the Customize link under the Appearance menu. Once you have selected your WordPress theme, you are now ready to create your first blog post.


Step 4. Creating Your First Blog Post and Page

How To Create A Post

First, login to your WordPress admin area.

As soon as you login, in the left-hand column on the top you will see a “Posts” section. In that, click on “Add New”:

This will instantly direct you to the “Add New Post” page.

Enter a title for your post into the field that looks like this:

Then you can enter your actual post in the field below that:

Your post could be an article or tutorial about something you’ve learned, and now you can show others how to do it!

Writing honest reviews for products and services you are using and then linking back to that product or service inside your review a few times is one of the easiest ways to make sales for products on the Internet. Later on, your review will get listed in the search engines and people will find it, read it, visit your affiliate link and possibly join.

You could be watching a really interesting video on YouTube and want to share it with others. Your website is a great place to do this! Just use the Share and Embed code that YouTube gives you to post the video directly onto your site!

It can also a good idea to write your own introduction and thoughts about the video when you post it to your website.

You could record your own video commentary, instructions, training, review, performance, or whatever you want and then upload it to YouTube, and post it on your own website.

The possibilities are truly unlimited, and the more original, interesting, helpful, entertaining, on-topic, insightful posts you make to your website, the more pages you’ll get listed in the search engines – and the more visitors you’ll attract.

When you’re satisfied with your post, click “Publish”:

After that, click the “View post” link:


You just created a brand new page on your website!

TIP: If you make any errors with your post or want to change anything in the future, just click the “Edit” link and you’ll be directed to a “Edit Posts” page where you can update or delete any posts you make in your WordPress website on the fly which will update your website instantly.

Now wash, rinse and repeat this process regularly… Before you know it, you’ll have lots of posts ranked in the search engines and visitors coming from all over the place, especially if you also share some of your posts with people in your social networks, by going to sites like Facebook, and sharing the link to your new post directly with your friends!