So how are you going to use this “FREE website” to make money???

So how do you make money?

There are plenty of ways to make money with a website but I am going to focus on the strategies that I use to make money online.
After all, I am giving away a free website that is a proven money maker and remember what I said in the beginning,
“No need to reinvent the wheel.”

So I make four steady streams of income each month promoting the following:
1. TpT Products
2. (E-books) From Blog To Business and How To Start Your Own Homemade Dog Treat Business
You can write your own e-book… about any topic and sell it on your website!
3. My autoresponder (I have over 3,500 people on my homemade dog treats mailing list… I send them emails with links to useful materials and if they buy, I get a cut of the sale (affiliate products).
4. Affiliate Products (ex: bulletin board border)

I use the Amazon affiliate program but there are so many more… Commission Junction is another great one! You basically promote items on your website and get paid when someone buys the item from your website. It can be anything!

Here’s how my business works.
• I own 3 different blog/websites.
• I write new content on each one of these blogs.
• I share these posts/articles through social media and article directories etc.
• I promote TpT products, affiliate products, and my own personal e-books on my website as well as through email marketing (autoresponder)
• I sit back and collect the profits!
It’s really that simple:)

You can do the same thing!

It doesn’t matter what your niche is… it will work for any market! Just follow the steps found in this E-Book and you are on your way:)


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  • You can use the tips and strategies found at The Classroom Guide and in my e-book to promote your site.
  • You make money:)

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