Day 6 – Publicize Your Site’s Posts Automatically on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Path & Google+

Today I’m going to show you something very powerful.

A proven way to make money online is to add interesting and/or helpful content to your site consistently so that your site becomes a magnet for attracting visitors.

But where many people go wrong is… they take a lot of time adding interesting content to their site, but their site isn’t setup to talk to search engines and social media.

You see, if your site isn’t communicating with the search engines and major social media sites, you could post all day long daily for 20 years, and nobody will find out about it. 🙁

Today we’ll change that.

From now on, when you post something on your website, people will find out about it!

And people will visit your site, and people will click your links, and people will sign up for your newsletter, and people will learn about other products and programs and services you offer or develop!

Setting up Jackpack has already improved your site’s performance in many ways.

One of those ways is the Enhanced Distribution function:

Jetpack will automatically take the published content from your website and share it instantly with third party services like search engines which increases your traffic and reach.

So that’s a great start.

Today we’re going to magnify that effect by a power of 10 (at least) through Jetpack’s Publicize function which will automatically publicize your site’s posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Path & Google+ (if you tell it to)!

Let’s get the party started…

Login to your WordPress account.

Go to Jetpack > Settings inside WordPress on your website.

Scroll down to “Publicize” and click it.

You’ll see this message appear:

Click on the “Configure” button.

This will take you to the page to configure your Jetpack account to publish all your site’s post to any or all of the following social networking services:

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tubmlr, Path and Google+…

When you configure your Jetpack account to connect with one of these services, every time you make a new post on your site, it will automatically post a summary and link to the post on your website on the social networking service…

This is very powerful, and it will have the effect of attracting people in your social networks to your website!

It’s also like publishing up to 7 blogs instead of one because every time you make a new post on your website, it will automatically post a summary and link back to your website on all of these different popular social networking services.

If you want to multiply your efforts and get a lot more visitors to your website without paying for it, this will do it!

Setting it up is very easy too! 🙂

First, you need an account with each of the different social networking services that you want to connect your site to.

Here’s the links to those services:

Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Tubmlr | Path | Google+

Once you have your accounts for the different social networking services you want to work with, just click on the “Connect” button inside the Publicize are of Jetpack and follow the onscreen instructions to connect your accounts:

Completing this process for all 6 social networking services may take you as little as 15 minutes, or up to a few hours depending on how familiar you are with these sites already.

Either way, it’s definitely worth it!

As soon as you complete the process, your website will be connected and communicating with your social networking accounts. Now every time you make a new post on your website, it will automatically be summarize and linked to from each of the social networking accounts you’ve setup…

Now just use your social media accounts as you normally would to communicate and connect with others, and every time you add a new post to your site, people in your network will be notified and you’ll get more visitors

Don’t overlook or underestimate this step. It is one of the most important things you can do to build an audience!

There is no excuse not to do these things… It’s free and it works.

I’m doing everything I can to make this as easy and affordable as possible for you. Take advantage of it, so you can start earning money today:)

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