How To Maximize  Your Teachers Pay Teachers Account

Image result for teachers pay teachersTeachers all over the country are using their teachers pay teachers account to earn extra money. I created an account a few years ago and while I’m not making an exorbitant amount of money, I have created a following and consistently sell the few products that I have listed on the site. However, it’s not the money that I am after… I’m after the free traffic that TpT sends to my blog everyday. This traffic is worth far more than any of my 3 dollar lesson plans!!!!

Before I continue, I just want to make sure that you have a Teachers Pay Teachers account of your own. If you don’t, you can sign up for one here.

Teachers Make Money Selling Materials Online

Although I’m not one of the top sellers on Teachers Pay Teachers, it’s one of the easiest ways teachers make money selling materials online. In fact many of them are earning a full time income using the site. TpT offers two different types of accounts for their sellers to use. I have the Basic account, which means it’s free for me use Teachers Pay Teachers but when ever I sell a one of my products, TpT keeps 40% of my earnings. So if I sell something for $10.00 I actually only net $6.00 per sale. Not terrible, but this is the main reason why I only have a few products listed on TpT. I do however sell all of my original work on my blog because when I sell something on my blog, I keep ALL the profits.! Teachers Pay Teachers does offer another option for the sellers that don’t have a blog of their own… a Premium Membership. This type of membership will cost you $59.95 annually and you get 85% of the sales price of each resource you sell. A little better but I would rather keep %100 of my sales!!

Ways Teachers Can Make Money Online…. Using Their Teachers Pay Teachers Account

So if you are not selling products on Teacher Pay Teachers, how can you use the site to make money??? Well, you do have to sell a few products on the site if you want this to work. What happens is this… when ever a seller creates a product on TpT they always include a “Thank You” page. Thank You pages usually include information about the seller, where the graphics come from, and almost always a LINK To THEIR BLOG! I find that most of the blogs that I am redirected to were created using “Blogger” another HUGE mistake… but that will be discussed later. Anyway, think about it. You get yourself a teachers pay teachers account, create some products, start selling the products and redirect your buyers to your own personal blog by embedding a link at the end of your product. That’s about how easy it is to get FREE traffic from a huge site like Teachers Pay Teachers!!

Teachers Make Money Online

I know I said that one of the easiest ways teachers make money online is by using their Teachers Pay Teachers account but another super easy and lucrative option is a blog. And when I say blog, I mean a self hosted blog. Not a “free” blog that you can set through Blogger or Weebly… there are a lot of restrictions on these types of blogs and you are selling yourself short if you don’t spring for the self-hosted blog. I know most of us are teachers but you don’t need a “teaching” or blog to succeed. I would highly recommend creating one, especially if you have a lot of your own products to sell, but if you are just starting out, you may want to choose something else that interests you. Another way teachers make money online is through affiliate marketing. You can find out more about affiliate marketing and how it works here.