I have dedicated an entire day in my 7 Days To Success Report to focus on where you can advertise your free website offer and find tons of customers.

However, in talking with some of you, I realize that you guys might need a little jump start when it comes to locating your customers.

Now there are a lot of paid advertising services that we can talk about down the line but I remember when I first started out and spending money was NOT what I had in mind. I don’t want you spend money that you haven’t made yet either. So let’s start with some really great free services that you can use to get going.

I started this process a long time ago by simply typing select search terms into the Google Search bar…

For example,

  • post free ads online
  • classified ads for free
  • post a business opportunity ad
  • post ads for free

and the list can go on and on.

After going through this whole process several times I have compiled a list of websites that I would recommend using.

You can start using something as simple as “Craigs List.” This site is used by hundreds of thousands of people and guess what… a lot of them are looking for offers just like yours! You would surprised how many leads you can generate using Craigs List.

Another site that I like using is Global Free Classified Ads. This site is great because you can ad images and videos to your ads and the using images and videos is an excellent way to draw attention to your ad! You can sign up for an account and your ad will be live in minutes. This is the same with Craigs List too.

Now there are tons and tons of free classified ad websites but more importantly you have to tap into social media. It’s completely free to use social media and let’s face it…. most people are checking their social media accounts all day long!

Do you have a Facebook or Twitter account? If you don’t then sign up for one today!! Start posting your ads on these major sites and you will be amazed!

I have a lot of other really great resources that I have put together for you and you can gain access to the by signing up for your website today.